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Spectrum Machine Tools Ltd is the sole distributor in Northern Ireland and joint dealer in Republic of Ireland for Durmazlar Makina (DURMA), and sole distributor in both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland for Tamsan Compressors, Mikropor Compressed Air Treatment Systems, Metalix CAD/CAM software as well as other products complimenting the products delivered by Spectrum Machine Tools such as press brake tooling, laser and plasma cutting consumables.

Our primary products are supplied by DURMA who are constantly improving their metal working machines levels of technology in both components used, levels of technology and the machinery used in the manufacturing facility situated in Bursa, Turkey. With its annual production capacity, DURMA is the leading machine producer in Turkey and is also the world market leader in metal working machines.

As one of the leading industrial institutions in Turkey and more than half a century after its inception, DURMA exports to over 82 countries around the world. With its total of 150 000m² under roof production area and 1000 employees, DURMA machines are constantly evolving to achieve the best in metal working machines.

Spectrum Machine Tools is passionate about delivering the best possible value at reduced costs to our customers where price, quality and service are paramount to both the company and our valued clients.

DURMA specializes in metal working machines that have the following capabilities:

  • Bending
  • Cutting
  • Punching
  • Rolling
  • Structural Fabrication

Tamsan compressors reputation is becoming more familiar in the world of compressed air as each day passes. The standard range of oil-flooded rotary screw compressors now includes over 80 different machines and continues to expand. Together with advancements in air end technology Tamsan can offer reliable and affordable solutions to most compressed air requirements, together with Mikropor, air treatment requirements are solved with world class products and service as well as the exiting new world of generating your own nitrogen with high levels of purity for laser and plasma cutting equipment.

Metalix is one of the world leaders in software development for cutting, punching and bending. Metalix software is easy to learn, easy to use.

Metalix software has a reputation for excellence. Driven by thorough understanding of technology constraints, Metalix solutions optimize material usage and production time.

Metalix maintains its status as a market leader by adjusting its products to the latest advancements in the field of sheet metal processing.

Metalix is in continuous contact with local and international end users, responding rapidly to client feedback by developing custom solutions as required.

Spectrum Machine Tools supports all our products offered not only with service and training but also with high quality tooling and consumable requirements at competitive pricing and quick delivery times.

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